About Us


Once a small trophy store serving El Dorado and Butler County Kansas youth sports, Seven K Company has since grown into a promotional products agency with clients throughout the Midwest. Founded as a family business we are proud to say four decades later, we are still a family owned and operated company.

We are often asked, "What does Seven K mean? How did you come up with the name?"  The year was 1975 and little league football coach, Keith Martin, was looking for a company that could provide awards for the players. That season, he found more than awards. He founded an awards company. Keith and his wife, Kathy, were the proud parents of five daughters... whose names all just happened to begin with the letter "K". (You do the math!)

 Our work is not just a job. It is personal to us. We put our reputation on the line every day with every order. Our focus has been on relationships. Through the years, we have developed life-long friendships with many of our customers. Our success has been built on an unwavering commitment to service. Yes, you can get the products we offer from a long list of companies... but our customer service is what sets us apart. Let us introduce you to our family.


Photo:  We are especially proud of Marv's service to the community of El Dorado via the Vision 2020 Initiative to provide mentors in our local schools.




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