Meet the Team


Karyl Rush, Owner

Karyl's attention to detail and excellent ability to recall customers and their many projects makes her invaluable to our team.  She's a working owner and handles day-to-day accounting, all medals and trophy orders, and the majority of speciality small projects from walk-in customers. Karyl and her husband Dave are world travelers and beloved friends in our local community.  Their status as "awesome" grandparents is legendary.  And caring for others is one of Karyl's natural characteristics that flows over into the life of our Seven K team everyday.



Marv Loucks, Sales

Author, mentor, and always ready to share a new idea - Marv is the man to discuss life and projects.  Serving our customers across many states, the greater Wichita area and around the corner in El Dorado, Marv keeps customer relationships at the top of his priority list. Marv is a voracious reader and keeps a close eye on sports of all types. His secret collection of ties is pretty amazing, but it's his open devotion to his family that is most inspiring.  Seven K customers appreciate Marv's concern for their brand and his devotion to making projects work.



Kerri Loucks, Client Services, Lead Artist

Kerri's email inbox is always full - customers return to work with her again and again because experience has taught them to have full confidence in her abilities.  Whether she's searching for that perfect promo item to fit both your logo and the in-hands date or designing a custom recognition wall, her creative solutions do not disappoint. Out of the office, Kerri is Marv's better half and this is best observed in the kitchen or on the pickelball court.  A dedicated volunteer to the regional Special Olympics team, Air Capital Flyers, Kerri remains unflappable and fun.  Day-to-day operations go smoothly with Kerri's commitment to meet the needs of each customer.



Darla Stewart, Client Services, Layout Design

Darla's strengths lie in collaboration and communication.  She's always ready to pick up the phone and work one-on-one with customers and suppliers to find the best solution.   Always one to volunteer, Darla enjoys serving in her local community.  It's likely best to credit this habit to her having raised four active kids, but that doesn't explain why she's still at it.  Her commitment to making things better pushes Seven K culture to keep striving for the best in all our business practices.



Annessa Conine, Reception, Client Services

Annessa is integral to all in-house projects that run on our laser.  She is excellent at organizing complex projects and helps guide the work flow at Seven K.  Annessa possesses a strong work ethic and leads by example. Without a doubt Annessa and her husband KC possess the gift of hospitality. And before you ask, they do own a pick-up truck, and yes, they will help you move.  Spending time hosting and helping family and friends influences the rest of us to think of others.  Annessa's encouraging style brings daily spark to the Seven K office.




Karyl, on the left, and Kerri, on the right, together with their three sisters and parents were the original inspiration and founders of Seven K Co.  Established in 1975, the business has continually operated as a "brick and mortar" store in El Dorado, Kansas.  Marv, seated in the middle, joined the family business after marrying Kerri and has worked at Seven K for nearly 30 years. In a world of start-ups, we value the longevity of relationships and those who curate them.  "Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart." Zig Ziglar

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